vom TÜV SÜD geprüft

Elektronisches Fahrtenbuch TravelControl - gesetzliche Anforderungen seit 2008 regelmäßig geprüft (letzte Prüfung Mai 2015)



Qualitätsmanagement nach ISO 9001:2008

  ISO Zertifikat



TravelControl News

TravelControl Logbook receives TÜV Certification

The independent certifier TÜV-SÜD (Technical Inspection Authority Southern Germany) has reviewed and certified the electronic Logbook TravelControl.

TravelControl TÜV Certifikation

The following features were reviewed:

- Consistent acquisition of all trips
- Subsequent alteration excluded or documented
- Complete and realtime Thus

TravelControl is the first electronic logbook that was, in terms of the legal requirements, tested by independent experts.

[TravelControl Logbook]

TravelControl SR (ShortRange) – as of January 2008

It enables the data transfer without the usual chip card by means of free-of-charge, fully automatic radio data transmission directly into every office. info@systemics.de

New Design - TravelControl personal V7

The electronic logbook for tax purposes which is suitable for every car is available in a new design and with the latest features. Ask your TravelControl-dealer right now for update options. Further information is available from your dealer or under info@systemics.de

Gasoline prices thwarted - TravelControl is an investment that saves money from the first kilometer on.

Optimize your fleet management with TravelControl and keep your fuel costs under control:

  • Check the use of your vehicle fleet (who, when, where with which car) TravelControl provides those data fully automatically
  • Where are your company cars, e.g. over the weekends
  • Optimize the vehicle use by means of driver communication
  • Monitor the fuel consumption with TravelControl
  • TravelControl creates complete operating reports of your drivers and passengers incl. time recording etc.

Our qualified appointed dealers and/or our hotline will be glad to inform you about all possible control features info@systemics.de