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Elektronisches Fahrtenbuch TravelControl - gesetzliche Anforderungen seit 2008 regelmäßig geprüft (letzte Prüfung Mai 2015)



Qualitätsmanagement nach ISO 9001:2008

  ISO Zertifikat



TravelControl personal - the electronic Logbook

Your reliable companion for the motor vehicle tax settlement.

TravelControl has successfully been in the market for more than 10 years – no logbook properly created with TravelControl has ever been rejected by the tax office.  

Fahrtenbuch DienstwagenTravelControl for demanding customers

Features at a Glance:

  • TravelControl is more than a software solution. You will get the stylish vehicle device, the GPS-antenna and the software from one source
  • The state-of-the-art GPS-technology ensures an exact trip route recording, even more precise than the vehicle speedometer
  • TravelControl is maintenance-free and always ready for use
  • TravelControl provides top data security by means of a huge memory of more than 4.000 trips. You are able to, at any time, access the last 4.000 trips in the device (in average, this equivalent to 2 years)
  • The modern, robust chip card provides as fast, reliable data transfer and is easy to handle
  • With this chip card, you are not only able to transfer data but you may also easily administer several drivers.
  • TravelControl respects and protects your privacy. Only the driven kilometers and the date are recorded in case of private trips.  
  • You yourself have your data under control and thus the highest data security - no storage in an Internet database. You may additionally protect your program access by means of a password.
  • Maximum saving of time due to highest degree of automation:
    • Geographic destination database for your official (business) destinations
    • Automatically recognizes the travel to and from work
    • All relevant trip data are automatically acquired
    • Your logbook is written automatically (name, address, contact person, reason of the business trip)
    • Take over and geo-encode your business contacts e.g. from Outlook
    • It goes without saying that the TravelControl database also administers several vehicles
  • No running expenses
  • Friendly and efficient hotline



TravelControl works in every vehicle. Very simple installation – the device is only connected to the on-board power supply. Vehicle-specific connections like CAN or OBD are not required.