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Elektronisches Fahrtenbuch TravelControl - gesetzliche Anforderungen seit 2008 regelmäßig geprüft (letzte Prüfung Mai 2015)



Qualitätsmanagement nach ISO 9001:2008

  ISO Zertifikat



TravelControl business - System Solutions for your Fleet

Fuhrpark Fahrzeugflotte

No fleet is too large or too small for us.


The TravelControl business line supports you with efficient data acquisition and evaluation options.




  • Fully automatic acquisition and evaluation of the trip data and destinations
  • Logbook in conformity with tax authorities for the  motor vehicle tax settlement
  • Modular structure -TravelControl adapts to growing demands
  • Easy installation – connection to  steady plus, plus terminal of the ignition coil/circuit  and ground or only steady plus and ground - Plug&Drive possible for a quick change of vehicles
  • Future-proof – no vehicle-specific connections like e.g. CAN or OBD required.
  • Data transfer by means of chip card, free-of-charge short-range radio transmission or GSM
  • High-precision route recording owing to state-of-the-art  GPS-technology – characteristically better than 0.5%
  • Integrated mobile time recording with automatic generation of operating reports of your drivers and passengers
  • Driver identification via chip card
  • Settlement of pool vehicles
  • Recording and evaluation of trip routes
  • Acquisition of  external operating states via digital inputs
  • Control contact for the start interruption
  • No running expenses

Flexible Data Transfer

The comfortable and high-speed data transfer with the robust chip card is usually the most efficient way if your employees process their data individually on their own computer. If you do not need any online connection and your cars regularly return to the headquarters, we would recommend the free-of-charge radio data transmission with the Systemics-Modem BT20 an. This modem automatically transmits the recorded trip data to the office computer and/or company server as soon as the vehicle arrives in the company premises. Thus, you will always be kept up-to-date. 

TravelControl additionally provides an online data transfer via the GSM-network. Thus, you will also have the possibility to locate the vehicles and to receive up-to-date data irrespective of the vehicle’s location.