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Elektronisches Fahrtenbuch TravelControl - gesetzliche Anforderungen seit 2008 regelmäßig geprüft (letzte Prüfung Mai 2015)



Qualitätsmanagement nach ISO 9001:2008

  ISO Zertifikat



Questions on the Installation & Precondition

Is it possible to use TravelControl in every vehicle?

Do I need special adapters?

For the operation of TravelControl it doesn' t matter at all which car you drive. It shall only possess a 12 or 24 V vehicle voltage. You do not need any special adapters and no tachometer pulse adapter. Steady plus, ground as well as plus terminal of the ignition coil/circuit will suffice. If you should now install a TravelControl-unit in you actual vehicle you may usually take it over into your new car.

Is a navigation system required for the use of TravelControl?

TravelControl has an own GPS-receiver. This is why a navigation system is not required.

Is the software also available for Mac or Linux?

TravelControl is a Windows-Software and released for Windows XP.

Is it required to have the system installed by a specialist dealer?

How is TravelControl connected in the vehicle?

We recommend the installation by your car workshop. But if you dare to do so you may certainly do the installation yourself. TravelControl has (like a car radio) only three connections for the power supply (steady plus, ground as well as plus terminal of the ignition coil/circuit) as well as one connection for the GPS-antenna.

Questions on the operation and handling

Do I have to read out the trip data regularly and/or daily?

Regularly – yes, daily - no. You should indeed read out the trip data on a regular basis because the input of new destinations is much easier if you still remember them. But you don’t have to read them out on a daily basis.
A reading out every two weeks is sufficient. How often you read them out mainly depends on how many trips you take. So more often you read out the higher is the data safety.

Does the chip card have to be inserted in the device during the trip?

No. The TravelControl-device possesses an internal memory. It is therefore not required to insert the chip card. You want driver identification (in case of permanently changing drivers). For this purpose you will have to insert the chip card into the device before starting the ignition.

Is it possible to use the database software without vehicle device?

The trip data exclusively reach the software by means of the vehicle device. This is why the use of the software is not possible without the vehicle device.

Is it also possible to run TravelControl via the cigarette lighter?

In principle, yes. But the failure-free operation is not ensured. And you would have to simulate the cut off of the ignition by means of a switch in case of every stop. As a result, you will lose a decisive advantage of TravelControl – the operation without control in the vehicle. But the installation of TravelControl is not difficult and quickly done because, e.g., a tachometer signal is not required.

TravelControl has two buttons on the front. Do I still have to operate anything else on the device?

The two buttons on the front are used for the readout of the trip data as well as for the extraction of stops (e.g. rest stops, telephone breaks) and marking of private trips. Trips without pressing the button are automatically considered as business trips.

What do I have to do if I forgot to press the private button in the vehicle in order to mark the trip as private trip?

You may convert business trips to private trips on your PC. The time and the destination coordinates will then be extracted.

TravelControl needs a GPS-antenna in order to work. Do I have to install a GPS-antenna if not already installed?

You will in any case need a GPS-antenna for the operation of TravelControl. The standard scope of TravelControl includes an inside GPS-antenna. In case the operation of an inside GPS-antenna should not be possible (e.g in case of metalized heat protection glazing) it will still be possible to use an outside antenna and/or a power splitter.

May TravelControl also be used e.g. in France or Hungary?

The GPS-signal is available all over the world. This is why TravelControl may be used worldwide. But it has to be paid attention to the fact that the digital maps for the visual presentation of the destinations are not available for all countries.

Does the tax authorities accept a logbook maintained with TravelControl?

TravelControl meets all requirements on an electronic logbook set by the tax authorities.  However, there is no general acceptance by the tax authorities. The acceptance depends on the fact of how correctly the logbook is maintained by the owner. We recommend asking the competent tax authority whether TravelControl is accepted by them. A logbook printout of one month of mostly requested and checked for this purpose. Up to now, we do not know of any case in which TravelControl was rejected in case of correct maintenance. TravelControl personal is the first electronic logbook that was, in terms of the legal requirements, reviewed and certified by the TÜV-Süd (Technical Inspection Agency, Southern Germany).